How do orders update if consumers manually close the return page?

Causes: Upon successful payment by the buyer, the page will stay on the Payment Successful page.
This page will remain for a short period of time, during which the buyer may close the page, resulting in the page not redirecting to return_url, and this might cause orders to not be updated. The reason for this is the Dinpay API of the merchant’s website did not use the server to communicate with notify_url, or there are errors in the processing of orders.
Personnel: Programmers and system providers
Solution steps:
1. Open the return_url page files, find the code segment and prevent the transaction to be processed multiple times.
2. Open the notify_url page files and do the same thing.
After a buyer closes the redirecting page corresponding to return_url, the transaction will still be processed by notify_url, hence scenarios such as orders not being updated will not happen.
1. Ebsure that the notify_url page does not contain any characters including spaces, HTML labels or other messages;
2. Parameters must be acquired via the POST method, for instance:
request.Form (“order_no”), $_POST['order_no'];
3. The method will only be adopted if Dinpay notifies accordingly;
4. The transaction must exist in the Dinpay transaction management database, and payment must be successful, then Dinpay will notify the server;
5. Exchanges between servers are invisible;
6. When a transaction status changes for the first time, page redirection will be activated, and the server will also receive an asynchronous notification sent by Dinpay;
7. At the end of the program, print “SUCCESS” (without the “”). If the feedback is not SUCCESS, the Dinpay server will continuously resend notifications for 5 times. (Frequency: 5, 10, 20, 30 minutes);
8. At the end of the program, do not execute page redirection, or else Dinpay will not be able to receive SUCCESS, and it will assume there is an error and continuously resend notifications;
9. Debugging and running must be done on the server;
10. It is mainly to prevent loss of order, i.e. it will process orders that are not updated by the server.