How to integrate the Dinpay API?

If this is the first time you are using Dinpay, you need to integrate the API into your website in order to use our products.
Integration can be done using three methods:
Method 1: Video tutorial on group shopping systems on websites and forums
If you use SHOPEX, ECSHOP, NowSHOP, PHPWEB, ZuiTu, mvmmall, ecmall or FangWei, you can find payment management, installing Dinpay plugin and other settings provided on the official websites of these systems. For video tutorials on different operating systems, click API Integration on Different Operating Systems
Method 2: Self-help integration
If you have hired professional programmers, you can download the relevant technical information here and integrate Dinpay into your website.
Method 3: Request for technical support
If you are a programmer, contact our technical support team for assistance.