Why are orders not updated upon successful payment?

Scenario 1: Merchant does not have a programmer
1. Check if the Dinpay plugin is working appropriately
Step one: Backup files onto merchant’s site
Step two: Delete the Dinpay plugin
Step three: Re-download theDinpay plugin
2. Check if the server configuration is correct
Request help from your server provider or network manager.
Scenario 2: Merchant has a programmer
Check the server asynchronous notification page (page files corresponding to notify_url parameters) and page files corresponding to the redirection to return_url.
Step one: Check return_url and notify_url page files
A. Ensure that themerchant number and password are configured correctly. There should be no spaces between characters.
B. Ensure that the return_url and notify_url paths are accessible. Ensure that the page is not empty or containing error messages defined by the development software.
C. Do not include self-defined parameters in show_url, return_url and notify_url. For example:In http://www.xxx.com/return_url.asp?id=123 ?id=123, every parameter after “?” is self-defined
D. Check if the encoding format is correct
Check for UCs utilizing the log function. If there are UCs, it is the result of inconsistencies with the encoding formats. Check input_charset, page attribute coding etc.
E. Ensure that there is only SUCCESS in the notify_url page. Ensure that it is an empty page without any HTML, spaces, return or any characters.
Methods to encode SUCCESS in different programming languages:
ASP:response.write "SUCCESS"
F. Do not have sessions or cookies in the notify_url page and do not include page auto redirect
Step two: Check server configuration
A. Check if permission to edit in server is granted.
B. Check if DNS recognizes DinpayIP.
C. Check the firewall
D. Check if port 443 or port 80 is open. Ensure that it is not in sleep mode and is not occupied.
E. Check if server IP is changed. If it is changed, rename the notify-url page files as well as update the parameters.
If the system processes a single transaction multiple times, please fix your program or server based on the aforementioned instructions, then go to return_url and notify_url and determine if the transaction has been processed (i.e. has the order been updated uponsuccessful payment).