How does notify_url on notification page and return_url on notification page work?

Return page (return_url document) Operating Principle
1. Create request data
Data collection send to Dinpay by merchant creating request through given interface code example, code example rules, sign encrypted result gained from program construction and calculation. Must be in POST method.
2. Send request data
Data collection which already complete construction, transmit to Dinpay through URL redirection or form submission.
3. Request transaction
When Dinpay obtain the data, will perform security check and other verification, once the verification is cleared, will proceed the data request.
4. Return corresponding data
When Dinpay has completed the transaction, the program will auto rebuild URL link and auto redirect to the webpage URL set by merchant upon request (parameter return_url, will not redirect if merchant did not set).
5. Handling corresponding data
Merchant’s return page (designated page file in parameter return_url) obtains the data return from Dinpay, integrate the data with the website and start processing (such as: Update order).
Return page (return_url document) Operating Principle
Precondition: If requires Dinpay to perform auto notify, merchant need to set notification page URL upon request (parameter notify_url), the page file need to be entirely blank without any character.
1. Send notification
Once the order status is changed (such as: payment successful), Dinpay will auto process data accordingly and automatically invoke the preset notification page path by merchant (parameter notify_url)
2. Process notified data
Merchant website receive notified data sent by Dinpay, integrate the data with the website condition, such as: process the missing order, update order on return page (parameter return_url)
3. Enter SUCCESS on the page
After complete processing all data on merchant website, enter “SUCCESS”(only SUCCESS is allowed to enter) at the bottom page to indicate oneself has completed the deal.
4. No additional notification will be sent for completed notification
When Dinpay receives “SUCCESS” from merchant feedback, final verification will be done and the particular notification is complete.
Note: If merchant feedback is not SUCCESS, Dinpay service will keep sending notification, 1-6 times notification within 2 hours (Notification frequency” 5m, 10, 20m, 30m)