Zuitu Group Purchase online shop system

1. Backup the files as listed below:
include\function\pay.php、configure.php、utility.php order\paybank.php
2. Modify the include\configure\dinpay.php file.
Change to your own Merchant ID and password
3. Overlay the ‘order’ and ‘include’ files to root directory.
4. Got to the Zuitu Management Platform, under the Settings Menu > Cache, click the “Clear Template Cache” tab.
5. You should be able to see Dinpay Payment at the Zuitu Management Platform under Settings Menu > Payment Option. Installation is complete.
The html files in the include\template is the webpage for the default template, if other webpage templates are used, please overlay to corresponding template files.
Plug-in contents modifications:
1. include\function: modify pay.php, configure.php, utility.php
2. Order: add dinpay folder, modify paybank.php
3. include\template: add block_pay-dinpay.html, modify manage_system_pay.html, order_check.html, credit_charge.html, order_charge.html
4. include\configure: add dinpay.php