PHPWEB online shop system

1. Copy dinpay_db_post.php and dinpay_db_rec.php under root directory > web/member/paycenter.
2. Go to the PHPWEB Management Platform, under Payment Method, click the “New Payment Method” tab on the top right of the page.
Select “online payment interface” as payment type.
Insert “Dinpay Payment” as payment method.
In the Description filed, fill in “Dinpay is one of the earliest, most professional and largest companies in China’s B2C e-commerce industry. Currently, Dinpay has a consummate online real-time bank card payment platform and vast experience in the operation of digital products in e-commerce industry. Services provided include online banking payment, mobile phone payment and travel card payment. Dinpay makes transaction processes safer, quicker and more convenient, and is highly recommended.”
Leave the Payment Platform as default.
For collaborator, fill in your Merchant ID.
For security code, fill in your password.
For merchant code, fill in your Merchant ID.
For self-configured number, fill in “168”.
Tick the “Purchase Option”.
3. Look for the pwn_member_paycenter table in your database, modify the newly-added Dinpay payment record on the Management platform, change the phrases as shown below accordingly. hbtype=dinpay_db
The installation of Dinpay plug-in is completed.
Once installation is completed, go to the Payment Method page, do not click the “Delete” or “Modify” tab, or else the Dinpay plug-in will be unusable. Repeat Step 3 to repair Dinpay plug-in if the “Delete” or “Modify” tab is clicked on inadvertently.