Dinpay Integration for Shopex online shop

1. Go to the ShopEx Management Platform, click Shop Settings > Payment Method, and add online banking payment method (domestic cards).
Configure online banking payment method (domestic cards).
Change the name to “Dinpay Payment”.
For the “Customer Code” field, fill in the merchant ID provided by Dinpay; for the “Password” field, fill in the password provided by Dinpay.
Insert “1000” as the sequence.
In the Description field, describe Dinpay as “Dinpay is one of the earliest, most professional and largest companies in China’s B2C e-commerce industry. Currently, Dinpay has a consummate online real-time bank card payment platform and vast experience in the operation of digital products in the e-commerce industry. Services provided include online banking payment, mobile phone payment and travel card payment. Dinpay makes transaction processes safer, quicker and more convenient, and is highly recommended.”
Others keep as default, save the changes and activate the payment method.
2. Overlay the pay_wanjing.php to root directory > plugins/app/pay_wangjin/pay_wangjin.php.
This method will replace your online banking payment (domestic cards), subsequently, your online banking payment (domestic cards) can no longer be used. If you have subscribed to online banking payment (domestic cards), it is recommended to install our payment interface through methods.
Note: Please backup the original files before the overlaying process.
It is not recommended to delete the selected payment methods, instead, disable and enable payment methods when required.
If the current payment method is deleted and other payment method is selected, the payment method for previous transactions will change to numbers.